Missing adventure ‘Fury from the Deep’ to be animated in 2020

Just announced on The Animations panel at London Comic Con, Fury from the Deep will be released in 2020 on DVD, Blu-ray and as an exclusive Steelbook next year. It will follow The Faceless Ones, announced earlier this year, and fill another gap in missing Doctor Who episodes.

Doctor Who: Fury From The Deep is available to order from Amazon, Zoom, HMV and Zavvi in the UK, and on Amazon in the US and Canada.

Fury from the Deep is the missing sixth serial of the fifth season of Doctor Who, which was first broadcast in six weekly parts from March to April 1968. Starring Patrick Troughton as the Doctor, the story concerns a colony of sentient, parasitic seaweed, last seen in the eighteenth century, returning to attack a number of gas instillations in the North Sea in an attempt to take over humanity.

No full episodes of this story exist within the BBC archives, and only snippets of footage and still images are still around to represent the story. However, off-air recordings of the soundtrack do exist, making the animation of a complete serial possible once again.

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