Martha Jones - Her Finest Moments

Despite Rose’s shadow looming large over the Doctor’s life, Martha was exactly what he needed. Clever, inquisitive and brave, Martha had everything it took for life aboard the TARDIS. From fighting witches with Shakespeare to facing cannibals at the end of the universe, Martha was put through the gamut of horrors that the universe created and triumphed gloriously. 

Martha Jones

Here are some of the finest moments of Doctor Martha Jones. 

The Two Doctors

Smith and Jones

To travel with the Doctor, you’ve got to be able to keep your cool in the most stressful of situations. Even as everything you thought you knew is chucked out the window and replaced with the strange and wondrous, you’ve got to focus on the task at hand. For Martha, this was working out how she - and the hospital she was in - ended up on the moon being attacked by a platoon of Judoon! 

With a bit of quick thinking, Martha managed to foil the schemes of a vicious Plasmavore, saving not only the Doctor’s life but also everyone else in the hospital. To thank her, the Doctor offered her a trip in the TARDIS. Luckily, for Martha and us, that one trip ended up being followed by a few more…


Fighting the Daleks

Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks

It’s always a momentous occasion when a companion squares off against the Daleks for the first time. Taking Martha for a final detour before returning her home, the Doctor took her to New York in the 1930s. What was meant to be a pleasant sightseeing trip ended up as trips in the TARDIS so often do, in a desperate battle for survival!  However, they weren’t just up against any Daleks. The Doctor and Martha were fighting the Cult of Skaro, and witnessed the birth of a whole new breed of Dalek!


A Family Matter

The Lazarus Experiment

After extending that single trip to three, the Doctor finally got Martha home. This would have been the end of their travels together if it weren’t for Professor Richard Lazarus. He declared, on TV, to change what it meant to be human. The Doctor couldn’t resist! Handily, Martha’s sister Tish worked for Lazarus, so the Doctor and Martha were off for one more adventure! 

The Doctor met Martha’s family - Spoilers, it didn’t go well - and together they foiled Lazarus’ plans. Despite warnings from her mother, Martha decided to travel with the Doctor full-time.


The Doctor’s Secret Carer

Human Nature/The Family of Blood

Usually, when the Doctor and their friends come against an alien threat, they can rely on each other to help defeat the problem. However, when it came to dealing with the Family of Blood, poor Martha was left all on her own! 

To hide from the Family,  the Doctor rewrote his DNA using a chameleon arch and became John Smith, a human teacher. Sadly, the instructions left for her by the Doctor were woefully inadequate, and he started to push her away as he fell in love. If that didn’t complicate things enough, the Family of Blood arrived to track down the Doctor. Stranded, and without the Doctor’s help, Martha had to lead the charge! 


Finding another Time Lord


From no Time Lords to too many, Martha was surprised to find another Chameleon Arched Time Lord stuck at the end of the universe. While Professor Yana didn’t realise the significance of his broken pocket watch, Martha knew exactly what it meant. She rushed to tell the Doctor. Unfortunately, Martha broke the perception filter around the pocket watch. Yana began to hear voices, and one of the most malevolent beings in the universe was restored…


Saving the Earth

The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords

Poor Martha. After escaping from the end of the universe, she returned to discover that the Prime Minister was the Master. Worse still, her family had been manipulated into helping him! The Master seized control of the planet, taking the Doctor and Martha’s family hostage in the process. Martha was left wandering the Earth, humanity’s last and only hope. 

Turning the Master’s own tools against him, the Doctor and Martha ended his reign of terror. However, all of this was enough for Martha. She opted to stay, ending her travels with the Doctor. Yet this wasn’t the last we’d see of Martha…


ReUNITed with the Doctor

The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison Sky

After she left the Doctor, Martha signed up with UNIT. Investigating Luke Rattigan and his ATMOS devices, Martha decided she needed the Doctor’s help. Reunited with her former travelling partner, they teamed up with the rest of UNIT and Donna to discover the truth about ATMOS. It was alien tech alright, the latest scheme by the Doctor’s old enemies, the Sontarans… 

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