Mandip Gill reveals the big risk she took to play Yasmin Khan

By Christel Dee

In the new issue of Doctor Who Magazine (#532), Mandip Gill talks about the risk she took to win the part of Yasmin Khan:

“I turned down other jobs because I really wanted this… A lot of opportunities came up while I was waiting but my heart was set on Doctor Who.”

In the exclusive article, Mandip also recalls the day she got the news:

Secrecy surrounded Mandip’s first auditions for Doctor Who – at this point in pre-production the show had a codename and she wasn’t aware she was up for a character that was destined to become a regular. At her second audition Mandip performed alongside Jodie Whittaker in front of executive producers Chris Chibnall and Matt Strevens and casting director Andy Pryor. “It was a really chilled vibe,” says Mandip. “And I have to say, hats off to Jodie – she played such a big part in making me feel at ease. It was like she was really rooting for you. She probably did it for everyone, but I think it’s a great way to be.”

Mandip won the part of Yasmin Khan, a young police probation officer. “I was at a wedding with all my family the day it was announced,” she remembers. “They always ask me, ‘What are you working on at the moment?’ I’d just done another BBC series in Leeds so I was able to talk about that. But then I got a message to say my part in Doctor Who was going to get released later that evening. My agent contacted me to say, ‘I think you should turn your phone off.’ I was like, ‘No one’s going to be messaging me about it,’ so I left it on. But when I caught up on all the social media, I was like, ‘Wow, this is impressive!’ Pearl Mackie even tweeted me and Tosin when it was released, which was really nice of her.

“I know Doctor Who is really big,” Mandip continues. “My brother-in-law is a huge fan. He’s always there on Christmas Day, sat waiting for Doctor Who. He’s watched every episode. When I first got the part he was like, ‘What does TARDIS stand for?’ But I knew because I’d done my research.”




Read the full story revealing more details about Mandip’s audition process, what it’s like to work with Jodie Whittaker and which episodes in the series were particularly poignant for her in the new issue of DWM.

Other highlights of issue 532 include:

  • Previews - Looking ahead to the next episodes of Series 11 with writers Chris Chibnall, Ed Hime, Pete McTighe and Joy Wilkinson, and director Sallie Aprahamian.
  • Cosplay - Doctor Who’s costume designer Ray Holman provides tips on how to cosplay members of Team TARDIS.
  • Out of the TARDIS - The legendary Bernard Cribbins answers questions from the DWM TARDIS tin.
  • Madame Tussauds - DWM attends the unveiling of the waxwork Thirteenth Doctor in Blackpool.
  • TARDIS Revolution - The second part in a series looking at the evolution of the TARDIS control room.
  • Ratings Round-Up - An in-depth look at the ratings for the first episodes of Series 11.
  • Who’s Crew - Key members of Doctor Who’s current production team describe their roles.
  • The Time Team - The Team watches the Thirteenth Doctor’s first episodes.
  • David Solomons - An interview with the author of the new Doctor Who novel The Secret in Vault 13.
  • Episode Reviews - DWM’s verdict on Series 11 episodes Rosa, Arachnids in the UK and The Tsuranga Conundrum.
  • Blu-Ray Preview - Inside the new box set Doctor Who: The Collection – Season 19.
  • The Warmonger - The second part of a comic strip adventure featuring the Thirteenth Doctor and her friends.
  • Plus - The Blogs of Doom, reviews, news, prize-winning competitions and much more!

Doctor Who Magazine 532 is on sale 15 November, priced £5.99.

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