Join the Doctor in a role-playing game

If you could travel all of space and time, where would you go? With Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game you can find out.

Create your own characters, build your own TARDIS and have your own adventures with this rulebook from Cubicle 7 Games.

Pre-order Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game Second Edition now.


The award-winning Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game from Cubicle 7 Games has regenerated into a new, Second Edition that is faster, easier, and even more exciting. This book presents all the rules and background you need to voyage across space and time with the Doctor, or as new characters such as a Victorian music hall artiste and a Silurian scientist, experiencing brand new epic adventures.

This core rulebook includes:

  • Complete character creation rules – Allowing you to bring to life a new time travelling adventurer to explore space and time aboard the TARDIS. Create friends for the Doctor, a new Time Lord of your own creation, or investigators and defenders of planet Earth.
  • The complete revised rules for playing Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game Second Edition - The new and updated version of the popular Vortex system is completely compatible with the First Edition of the game and makes gameplay faster, easier, and quicker to learn, while keeping all of the dramatic action you’d expect from Doctor Who.
  • Advice for Gamemasters, new and old, on how to make the experience of Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game Second Edition feel like you’re living an episode of the TV series, as well as how to create exciting storylines and continuing campaigns.
  • Revised rules for creating your own TARDIS
  • An expansive look at the history of the Doctor Who universe, detailing many of the aliens and creatures the Doctor has encountered across space and time.
  • Character sheets for the Doctor and her companions, ready to play straight away!

Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game Second Edition is available to pre-order now from, and all orders include a digital copy.

Also available is a Collector’s Edition of Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game. The Collector’s Edition is beautifully finished, featuring a wraparound cover image of the TARDIS Console Room, with spot UV to highlight the glowing crystals.

The book is presented in a slipcase intricately designed to reflect the exterior of the Thirteenth Doctor’s TARDIS. The book content remains the same as the standard edition, with the addition of a ribbon bookmark, and striking page edging, in TARDIS blue.

Pre-order Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game Second Edition or the Collector’s Edition now.

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