How do you manage an immersive Doctor Who show?

Being the Doctor is no easy feat, as you can discover for yourself at the immersive Doctor Who experience, Time Fracture, in London's West End!

Time Fracture have a huge number of team members, in front of and behind the TARDIS. Read an interview with company manager, Daniel Gammon, below.

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What would a typical day in your role on Doctor Who: Time Fracture look like?
As Company Manager, I am responsible for much of the planning side of things but also the pastoral care of the company. A typical day in rehearsals would see me checking in with the director at the beginning of the day to ensure everything needed for the day has been taken care of. I would then ensure that all company members have arrived before heading back to my office to schedule rehearsals, book costume fittings, arrange press requests, ticketing requests and various other things.

During tech rehearsals and show weeks, I am responsible for ensuring the show is correctly staffed which includes updating the schedule of characters to ensure that the show runs smoothly. I often check in throughout the day with company members to ensure their comfort and safety and am often responsible for booking physio, doctor’s appointments etc to ensure the welfare of all. I will usually end the day ensuring that everyone has their correct call the following day before leaving the company to entertain our audiences.

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Since beginning work on Time Fracture, what has been your biggest challenge?
Looking after a company of 40 actors and around 35 backstage staff is quite a big job and making sure that everyone feels comfortable and safe throughout their time with us is a big challenge in itself on a daily basis.

Do you have any favourite moments in the show that are particular relevant to your work on Time Fracture?
I like the Weeping Angels episode Blink. They are very scary!

What’s it been like working with such a huge team of creatives for Time Fracture? Have you found any particular moments where your work has complimented another persons work?
There are so many people that work on this show! It took forever just to learn everybody's name! It has been really great to be part of such a big team though and everyone has worked really well together. When you are part of a creative team which really believes in the show it really makes a difference.

There is a sense that everyone is working collaboratively to achieve the artistic vision and that each department will go above and beyond to create the best show they can. In particular, my role as Company Manager means I work very closely with the Director to ensure all needs are met and to facilitate the smooth running of the rehearsal process and beyond.

What behind the scenes secrets can you offer us?
If I gave you behind the scenes secrets, they wouldn't be secret anymore now would they?

Who is your favourite Doctor?
I think David Tennant, the Tenth Doctor, is my favourite.

Do you prefer Jelly Babies or Jammie Dodgers?
Jammie Dodgers definitely. Who doesn't love a biscuit?

What monster (featured in Time Fracture) scares you the most?
I think the Weeping Angels are TERRIFYING!

Have you ever tried Fish Fingers and Custard? Or, would you?
Separately yes, perhaps not together...

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Director on set pointing

How do you think audiences will feel leaving Time Fracture?
I think they will leave feeling like they have been on an epic adventure across time and space. Hopefully they will leave feeling like they have been the star of their very own Doctor Who adventure.

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