Gorgeous Doctor Who Series 10 Blu-ray steelbook coming next month

By Cameron McEwan

As revealed last week, Doctor Who: The Complete Series 10 is coming to DVD and Blu-ray from 13 November 2017 – full details and cover art here.

Complementing these releases is a very special Blu-ray steelbook edition with stunning cover artwork from renowned Doctor Who artist, Alice X. Zhang.

Pre-order Complete Series 10 Steelbook here

The Blu-ray set comes with all episodes from Doctor Who Series 10, the 2016 Christmas Special, and a host of incredible extras – click here for full details.

Check out the gorgeous exclusive cover art below.

Series 10 steelbook

Doctor Who: The Complete Series 10 Steelbook is available from 13 November 2017

Pre-order here

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