Getting to know Who: The Dalek Invasion of Earth

From the first appearance of the Daleks, just after Christmas 1963, the public were gripped by Dalekmania. It would be almost a year before they returned to our screens – and onto the surface of our planet – in The Dalek Invasion of Earth.


First, opening his second season in the role.


The original TARDIS crew: the Doctor’s granddaughter Susan, and her two teachers Ian and Barbara.


Some time after 2164, the TARDIS lands in London – deserted and destroyed. Zombie Robomen roam the streets, and a resistance movement hides in the Underground. The Daleks have invaded, and they have a plan for the Earth…

The story so far…

  • One night, Susan is followed home by her two curious teachers. In the junkyard that is her address they discover the TARDIS and her grandfather, the Doctor. Scared that they’ll reveal the secret of the ship, the Doctor kidnaps Ian and Barbara. They have been on many adventures in both space and time since.
  • The TARDIS crew have met the Daleks once before (The Daleks). The Daleks are introduced as malicious mutant creatures in travel machines, hiding in their city on Skaro.

Best bit:

The Doctor says goodbye


Key quote:

Dalek: Rebel against us and the Daleks will destroy London completely. You will all die, the males, the females and descendants. Rebels of London, come out of your hiding places. The Daleks offer you life.

Why it’s worth a watch:

The Dalek Invasion of Earth features several notable firsts. It’s the series’ first sequel, returning the Daleks to our screens and streets, and cementing their place at the pinnacle of Doctor Who’s pantheon of monsters. It also features the first extensive use of location filming in Doctor Who’s history. Although it’s been repeated since, seeing Daleks in a deserted Trafalgar Square or in front of Big Ben is truly shocking. Finally, it sees the first departure of a series regular, with Carole Ann Ford’s Susan staying on earth with David Campbell. A truly lump-in-the-throat performance from William Hartnell makes this something very special.


Read more about The Dalek Invasion of Earth at the BBC Doctor Who website.

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