Getting to know Who: Blood of the Daleks

By Christopher Allen

When Doctor Who: The Movie ultimately failed to spawn a new TV series, the Eighth Doctor looked as though he would remain solely represented by one, 90-minute adventure. But audio production company Big Finish had other ideas….


The Eighth Doctor


Lucie Miller (played by BAFTA winner Sheridan Smith) – a strong-willed girl from the north of England – in her first adventure with the Doctor.


With a new companion thrust upon him, the Doctor lands on the devastated world of Red Rocket Rising. Caught up in President Klint's struggle to keep control as rioting spreads, a familiar foe comes to the planet's aid. The Daleks are back, and they come in peace. But something far worse has happened, right here in Klint's back-yard...

The story so far…

  • Since 1999, Big Finish have been licensed to produce original Doctor Who audio dramas, with the first eight Doctors and their companions. At the time of writing, they have over 800 titles in the range, including almost 70 starring Paul McGann.
  • Blood of the Daleks launches a new season for the Eighth Doctor, which deals with the sudden and surprising appearance of Lucie Miller in the TARDIS.
  • Listen out for Anita Dobson as Eileen Klint, Kenneth Cranham as Cardwell and Nicholas Briggs as the voice of the Daleks - a role he honed at Big Finish and later brought to the revived TV show.


Doctor Who - Blood of the Daleks

Key quote:

Dalek Supreme: We came to make sure that the blood of the Daleks remains pure!

Why it’s worth a listen

Blood of the Daleks is a great "jumping on" point for the Eighth Doctor adventures - a classic Doctor Who runaround, with very strong guest casting and a great cliffhanger between parts one and two, the return of the Daleks. The soundscape makes Red Rocket Rising a truly barren place, and the familiar "unk-unk" pulse of the Dalek spaceship interior sends a shiver down the spine. Paul McGann shines - fully into his stride as the Doctor - cocky and diffident with baddies, sensitive with the underdog. And Sheridan Smith brings Lucie (literally) roaring to life. Great fun.


For the rest of August, Big Finish are offering 85% off the normal price of Blood of the Daleks part one and 50% off Blood of the Daleks part two (offer applies to download versions only).


Find out more about Doctor Who: Blood of the Daleks at the Big Finish website, or get to know more Doctor Who adventures.

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