Genesis of the Daleks hits U.S. movie theatres for one-night event

By Christel Dee

In celebration of the upcoming Blu-ray release of Tom Baker’s very first season as the Doctor, audiences in the US will be treated to a special, 90-minute director’s cut of the hugely popular classic Doctor Who adventure, Genesis of the Daleks.

The Fourth Doctor and his companions Sarah Jane Smith and Harry Sullivan are transported thousands of years into the past to the ancient planet Skaro where they are given a mission from the Time Lords to prevent the evil scientist Davros from introducing to the universe the most destructive race of killing machines ever created, the Daleks!

The special one night event will take place on Monday, June 11 at 7:00pm local time in more than 700 select movie theaters nationwide through Fathom’s Digital Broadcast Network (DBN).

This special edition will be followed by “In Conversation with Tom Baker”, a brand new, exclusive interview with the fourth Doctor, Tom Baker.

Doctor Who: The Collection – Season 12 is available in the UK from June 11, 2018 – pre-order here.

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