Fourth Doctor collector figure revealed

The 1:6 scale model of Tom Baker from Big Chief Studios is available for pre-order from tomorrow (Thursday 11 July).

From his trilby hat, velvet-like frock coat, tartan waistcoat and of course his trademark long scarf, the Fourth Doctor’s eccentric dress sense is brought breathtakingly to life in exacting detail. The Doctor comes complete with numerous accessories including a bag of jelly babies, his Sonic Screwdriver, The Key to Time and Time Tracer, plus his yo-yo.

Fourth Doctor

With eight interchangeable hands to adopt various poses and an illuminating display base, this is the ultimate collectable for fans of the Fourth Doctor.

The ultra-limited Signature Edition of only 300 units will come with an autograph plaque, hand-signed by Tom Baker, together with a plaque stand and certificate of authenticity.

Signature Edition pre-order goes live at 6pm (BST) on Thursday 11 July, with Limited Edition pre-order going live 24 hours later. To be notified of the pre-order, sign up to Big Chief’s mailing list (this link takes you to a site outside of our control).

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