Fish Fingers & Custard Day 2013

To commemorate the Eleventh Doctor’s first appearance, April 3 is now intergalactic Fish Fingers and Custard Day. And this year, we’re taking it up a notch.

Last year, hundreds of you joined in by either filming or photographing yourselves trying the delicious and nutritious* snack – the results of which can be seen on our official YouTube channel and Facebook page.

But for Fish Fingers and Custard Day 2013, we want it bigger, better and much more custardy. We’ve had a go ourselves, creating an iconic Doctor Who location and tourist attraction in fish fingers and custard to prove it can be done:

Think you can beat that? Upload your videos to YouTube with “Fish Fingers & Custard Day 2013”, or send pictures to We’ll add the best to a YouTube playlist or Facebook album.

Good luck!

*We’ve got no science to back this up.

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