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Fan Reactions to ‘Wild Blue Yonder’ - The Second of the 60th Anniversary Specials

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary special, Wild Blue Yonder.

If you haven’t yet seen the Fourteenth Doctor and Donna Noble’s second exciting adventure together, watch the episode now before returning back here to read some fan reactions…

“My arms are too long…”

The Doctor and Donna land in a strange ship on the very edge of the universe, ending up with no TARDIS, no sonic screwdriver and no way out. In the most desperate fight of their lives, they try to figure out an escape - and encounter the terrifying Not-Things, a robot called Jimbo and the corpse of the ship’s captain along the way!

This mysterious episode drove fans wild! Here are our favourite reactions to Wild Blue Yonder

Before the TARDIS takes them to the edge of creation, The Doctor and Donna crash-land in 1666. They meet a certain polymath with a fondness for apples – Isaac Newton – and somehow manage to make their mark on the laws of physics. What did fans think of the episode’s introduction?

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Even one of our hosts of The Official Doctor Who Podcast, Tyrell Charles, shared his thoughts:

And showrunner Russell T Davies shared his thoughts on filming with Bernard.

What a terrifying tale for the Doctor and Donna! What will our TARDIS team face next? And will the Doctor survive?

Their anniversary adventure comes to an end this Saturday 9th December in The Giggle.

Watch the Doctor and Donna in action in the 60th Anniversary Specials, find out where to watch here

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