Fan favourite Doctor Who story revealed in new Doctor Who Magazine

Thousands of readers of Doctor Who Magazine have cast their votes on all 241 Doctor Who television stories, broadcast in the first 50 years of the show. And the latest issue of DWM reveals all...

  • Which classic twentieth-century story hits the Top Five for the first time ever?
  • Which adventure shoots up the list to become the top story of the Second Doctor’s era? 
  • Which two recurring monsters see their every appearance land inside the Top 75? 
  • Which two Doctors find an incredible 50% of their stories inside the top third of the poll?
  • Which adventure will be voted the greatest Doctor Who story of all time? 

Find the answer to these questions - and what fans voted their favourite story of the first 50 years - in a bumper 100-page Doctor Who Magazine 474, available now.

Doctor Who Magazine is available monthly: in stores, delivered to your door or digitally through iTunes.

Also in this issue:

  • Showrunner Steven Moffat's his exclusive column for the magazine.
  • The thrilling conclusion to the final Eleventh Doctor comic strip, The Blood of Azrael.
  • The Time Team watch 2008's The Doctor’s Daughter.
  • Jacqueline Rayner reveals how Doctor Who can cause family tension in Relative Dimensions. 
  • The Watcher looks back at Doctor Who polls of the past in Wotcha!
  • Previews of all the latest merchandise.
  • Reviews of the latest  CDs, and books.
  • Prize-winning competitions, the DWM crossword and more!

Doctor Who Magazine cover

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