Exclusive Second Doctor designs from Dark Bunny Tees

After an amazing response to the First Doctor designs last month, Dark Bunny Tees are pleased to announce two Second Doctor inspired t-shirts.

As before, one tee is based on the good Doctor himself and one based on a favourite monster from that particular era. In this case we introduce the iconic Cybermen in a design inspired by the classic 1968 episode The Invasion.

With Patrick Troughton’s Doctor often characterised as a 'cosmic hobo' battling a variety of weird and wonderful monsters and villains each week, the second t-shirt displays 'Cosmic Hobo: Monster Squad' centring around the famous Patrick Troughton recorder.


Both of these t-shirts are available now via the Dark Bunny Tees website and come with the second exclusive 50th Anniversary Post Card (this link takes you to a site beyond our control).

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