EXCLUSIVE: Read an extract from Time Lord Victorious story ‘The Last Message’

The Daleks are invading! To celebrate the release of the first of four Time Lord Victorious sets from Hero Collector, you can read an extract from a new Dalek story that’s included with the figurines.

Get your Time Lord Victorious: Figurine Collection Magazine #1: Dalek Emperor & Drone here.

Each of the four Time Lord Victorious box sets will contain two hand-painted polyresin figurines at 1:21 scale (approximately 3.5 inches tall).

The latest release from Hero Collector includes the Dalek Emperor and Drone Dalek. It also comes with an in-depth companion magazine, highlighting the huge range of creative talent involved across the entire Time Lord Victorious adventure, packed with behind the scenes details as well as a brand-new story, called The Last Message. And you can read an opening extract, exclusively here:

The Last Message

“I… am… the … last…”

These four words echoed in the Emperor’s Chamber, found in the heart of the Dalek City on Skaro. The Emperor, secure in its golden shell, looked up at the signal floating against a flat metal wall. The Dalek Emperor did not normally hear the words of Drones, let alone pay them such attention, but this message had been travelling for millenia, through space and time until it had finally reached Skaro.

The ruined Dalek Drone, casing shattered, lights failing, almost embedded in the rock, was still talking: “I survive… I will repair…”

That was reasonable, thought the Emperor. That’s what dutiful Drones were programmed to do. That was their duty. They kept going. They obeyed.

“I will grow stronger,” the Emperor heard the Drone’s quiet yet determined grating voice. “No matter how long it takes.”

The Emperor glanced at the data feed, assessing the age of the message, swiftly calculating how many thousands of years that Drone had clung to the rock until it could send this low-signal. In a fraction of a second, the Emperor compared the Drone’s vital signs with untold thousands of other Daleks in similar circumstances, and this unintentional test of Dalek staying power nevertheless briefly caused the Emperor to be impressed. The Emperor would have expected the creature to have died maybe three thousand years before sending this.

“There is still time….”

Find the rest of the story, much more in the guide, plus figurines of the Dalek Emperor in this first set.

Get your Time Lord Victorious: Figurine Collection Magazine #1: Dalek Emperor & Drone here.

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