Easter Eggs in The Lonely Assassins

In the new Doctor Who mobile game The Lonely Assassins, Osgood needs special assistance facing the Weeping Angels – she needs you!

The game is filled with clues, hints and references to past Doctor Who stories and adventures… how many did you spot in the game?

Before you read on, you can play The Lonely Assassins now. Find out where to play here



The obvious one to start! The Lonely Assassins has many elements from the iconic episode, which was the first time the Doctor faced the Weeping Angels. Not only does Lawrence ‘Larry’ Nightingale feature in the game, you may also get a text or two from Sally Sparrow… plus there are Angels, of course!


Not Rose Tyler, the episode! The department store where Rose first works before travelling with the Doctor was Henrik’s, and they’ll be another return trip...

The Time Fracture

There are many mentions to the immersive Doctor Who adventure, coming later this year. Osgood makes several mentions to the Time Fracture which UNIT are currently working on whilst being disbanded, and you may see a few Time Fracture badges around, keep your eyes peeled!


The episode that saw the Thirteenth Doctor and Fam meet Rosa Parks also is mentioned. Set in Montgomery, Alabama, keep an eye out for references to “Alabama’s Blue Box"!

The Sarah Jane Adventures

To find out more about what’s happening in the world of The Lonely Assassins, Larry Nightingale and the player use the London-based blogsite Into the Unknown, written by journalist and friend of Sarah Jane Smith, Rani Chandra! But who is the blog sponsored by?

The Idiot’s Lantern

… It’s sponsored by Magpie Electricals! Players may remember the electricals brand from the story The Idiot’s Lantern, where the Tenth Doctor and Rose faced the Wire.

The Doctor Who theme song

One of the less friendly characters in The Lonely Assassins has a pair of solicitors called Derbyshire and Mills. This is a cheeky nod to the great Delia Derbyshire and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop’s Dick Mills, who helped to create the familiar sound of the Doctor Who theme song.

Star Trek?

Larry Nightingale often makes voicenotes, each starting with a ‘star date’ (which Doctor Who fans who are also Trekkies may recognise from Star Trek!)

Want to discover more for yourself? You can play The Lonely Assassins now on iOS, Android and Steam.

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