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Doctor Who takes place ‘under your bed not outer space’ says Steven Moffat

By Cameron McEwan

Doctor Who: The Fan Show has released the first of three very special episodes which sit down with former showrunner Steven Moffat and take an in-depth look on his time on the series.

Watch the first instalment of an exclusive three-part interview with Steven in the player below.

During the interview, Moffat discusses his inspiration for writing and how he sees the world of Doctor Who through the eyes of children. The writer says:

“When you talk about Doctor Who, it’s from the angle of the nursery, it’s what scared you as a child. The way in which a child populates the ordinary world around them, not just with horrors but with wonder and excitement. They see old people as wise and fascinating. They see cracks in the wall as portals to other worlds. They see statues as people coming to get them.

They see magic and mystery and horror and joy everywhere. Which, in a way, is how the Doctor looks at the universe. It’s also the key to writing the show.

Because Doctor Who, properly, doesn’t take place in outer space like Star Trek and Star Wars.

It takes place under your bed, the back of your hall cupboard, at your school, in the forest you have to walk through on your way home – that’s where Doctor Who lives.”

Steven also discusses 1999 Comic Relief special The Curse of Fatal Death and his days on writing for Doctor Who before becoming showrunner.

You can listen to an extended podcast version, featuring material not included in the video, in the player below.

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