Doctor Who stickers for iMessage on iPhone and iPad

By Cameron K McEwan

With the launch of iOS 10 for iPhone and iPad, Apple opened up their iMessage instant messaging service to developers to create new applications and sticker packs.

Working with the BBC Worldwide, app developer Paul Gee of Moonboom Limited and Graeme Neil Reid (the artist behind our Cybermen Monster Month wallpaper) created 30 high quality images for Doctor Who Sticker Pack 1.

Download the first Doctor Who Sticker Pack here.

Each image is an original watercolour painted by Graeme which is then digitally embedded in a dedicated sticker pack.

Doctor Who Sticker Pack 1 is the first official BBC Doctor Who Sticker Pack for iMessage.


The pack contains Doctors and monsters, new and old, from over 50 years of the world's longest running sci-fi TV series. Each sticker can be shared with friends, fans and family in text messages.

This pack includes 30 high quality watercolour original stickers of the Doctor, TARDIS, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, Zygons, the Master, Missy, K9 and many more.

More packs are coming soon.

Each pack is priced at £1.49/$1.99 and can be downloaded direct from the iMessage App Store

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