Doctor Who Series 12 action figures!

With Doctor Who back on our screens yet more characters are to be immortalised, as Character Options releases its first wave of new Doctor Who action figures for 2020.

These action figures are available in several retailers, and for online order from Amazon and the Character Options website.


Kicking off this collection will be a range of 5.5 inch highly detailed characters, featuring the Thirteenth Doctor, friend Graham O’Brien, the returning Judoon, the Reconaissance Dalek and both the TARDIS and Sonic Screwdriver from the current Thirteenth Doctor’s era of Doctor Who. Friends Yaz and Ryan will be joining the collection later this year as part of an exciting new Companion Set.

The Thirteenth Doctor

Collectors will be excited to see a new Thirteenth Doctor figure with a fresh colour top and a cool ‘bum bag’ accessory.

Graham O'Brien

The second figure is of companion Graham O’Brien (Bradley Walsh), who was introduced to fans in the first episode of Series 11 - The Woman Who Fell to Earth - and portrays him in his blue leather jacket and jeans.

The Judoon Captain

The range includes a new Judoon Captain figure from the episode Fugitive of the Judoon, celebrating the return of this fan-favourite monster. The Judoon, an alien known for its lack of finesse, thuggish tactics and resemblance to a rhino, is depicted in this new figure as the leader of the Judoon platoon and comes complete with a new pistol, bio-reader and translator accessories.

The Reconnaissance Dalek

Burgeoning the enemy ranks, a new and slightly special Dalek will be available. The infamous Reconnaissance Dalek seen in Resolution is an elite and highly aggressive variety of the Dalek species. This new action figure is presented in its rusty steel ‘junkyard chic’ home-made armour and comes with a Mutant Dalek accessory.

The Sonic Screwdriver

Both the Thirteenth and Twelfth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver will also be joining the collection. The Thirteenth Doctor’s electronic screwdriver from Character Options is the perfect replica of this Doctor’s essential and most-trusted devise; fully lighting up when activated and featuring brand new diagnostic sound FX.

The Twelfth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver toy replicates that which debuted in the episode Hell Bent. This Sonic features static, pulsate & chase light modes and four sound FX.


To round off this new range is the Thirteenth Doctor’s Electronic TARDIS with light and sound FX. When the TARDIS reconfigured itself for the Thirteenth Doctor, it gained a striking new weathered exterior in blue/green glaze, silver steel rimmed windows and brand-new phone door sign. Once you’ve stashed your action figure of the Thirteenth Doctor inside, pick the new toy TARDIS up to hear it take off and see the lights flash. Place it down again and the landing sound is played. Both doors are openable and spring loaded for hasty departures!

These action figures are available in several retailers, and for online order from Amazon and the Character Options website.

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