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Doctor Who Series 10: Ice Warriors episode details emerge

By Cameron K McEwan

In the latest edition of Empire magazine — issue 335, out now — Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat and Twelfth Doctor actor Peter Capaldi have been speaking about their final series together.

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During the interview, there are a number of juicy nuggets of information regarding Series 10, Episode 9. Written by Mark Gatiss, we already know the Ice Warriors will return (featuring a new kind according to its writer) but now we’ve been given new information regarding the story.

Read on, if you dare!

Spoilers follow…

The Doctor and Nardole in space suits

  • Empire describes the episode as a “Jules Verne-ish spectacle”.
  • With scenes on Mars, it features a Martian mine, red sand and a “giant futuristic, drill-like weapon of mysterious provenance”.
  • There is a conflict between Zulu War-era British soldiers and an awakened horde of Ice Warriors.
  • A “pivotal three-way face-off” with the Doctor, British troops and the Ice Warrior turns on a “key intervention” by new companion Bill.
  • At one point, an Ice Warrior is referred to as an “upright crocodile”.

Read the full interview in the latest issue of

Doctor Who Series 10 airs from April 15, 2017

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