Doctor Who Experience Walking Tour dates extended

Taking place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the remainder of July and until the end of August, let our expert tour guides take you on a journey back through time where you get to see and experience the very locations where Doctor Who was filmed in Cardiff!

Produced by Doctor Who novelist Gary Russell, this amazing opportunity allows you to get even closer to your favourite show this summer. An absolute must for any Doctor Who fan, please visit our Walking Tours page for more information and to book.

Lasting up to an hour, the official tours will visit over thirty-one locations featured in the filming of the show, including where Weeping Angels watched Sally Sparrow in Blink; the American diner where River, Amy and Rory discovered that the Doctor was still alive (The Impossible Astronaut), and the Wales Millennium Centre, where episodes including The Girl Who WaitedThe Sound of Drums, and Vincent and the Doctor were filmed.

The Experience recently announced that it was to close for a six-week refurbishment programme in Autumn 2014, making way for a new interactive storyline and props from Series 8. Fans only have until 31 August to save the Eleventh Doctor from the Pandorica.


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