Doctor Who Experience Monster Competition Winner Announced

By Katrina Bell

And the winner with 30% of the votes is…

Yeti from The Web of Fear – The Second Doctor

In April we ran a competition where you could decide which classic Doctor Who monster would receive some much-needed renovation and be unveiled at the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff.

Fans were given the chance to decide between 8 monsters, with the winner being displayed at the Doctor Who Experience later this year.

Over 5,000 of you voted both online and on-site - here are the hotly contested results!

In third place with 10.43& of the votes:

Vervoid from Terror of the Vervoids – The Sixth Doctor

In joint second place with 16% of the votes:

Silurian from Warriors of the Deep – The Fifth Doctor

Sea Devil from Warriors of the Deep – The Fifth Doctor

Fans will remember Yeti from the classic Second doctor adventure, The Web of Fear – that first transmitted in 1968.

The restored Yeti will be unveiled in July.

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