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Doctor Who Exec Producer wanted ‘old-school Master surprise’ for Series 10 finale

By Cameron K McEwan

SPOILER WARNING: This article includes spoilers for Doctor Who: Series 10, Ep 11


Brian Minchin, executive producer on Doctor Who, has been speaking to Doctor Who: The Fan Show – The Aftershow all about the latest episode from Series 10, World Enough And Time.

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Fan Show host Christel Dee discussed the return of John Simm as The Master and the also the return of the renegade Time Lord’s classic use of disguise in the episode. Minchin commented on the character of ‘Razor’:

“We kind of wanted it to be surprise, like an old-school Master surprise, and we weren’t sure how we could manage it. Neill Gorton [prosthetic effects designer from Millennium FX], again, came up with a fantastic mask and he [John Simm] did the voice.”

“We kind of thought we were probably on the right lines when we actually filmed in public for a whole evening with Razor out in the streets and people were taking pictures of the Cybermen and Bill and no one recognised John Simm!

We think it’s great fun and a very ‘Master’ thing to do.”

Brian also discusses why John Simm’s Master was brought back and just why those pesky Mondasian Cybermen have returned in the Series 10 finale.

Watch the latest episode of Doctor Who: The Fan Show – The Aftershow in the player below.

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