Your Doctor Who Gift Guide for 2022!

Looking for the best gift for the beloved Doctor Who fan in your life? Look no further...

Whether it’s exploring adventures from the past, or planning to explore the cosmos yourself in the new year, here are some great presents for anyone obsessed with Doctor Who.

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Find the Origins of the Doctor’s companions…

Doctor Who Origin Stories

Eleven incredible stories from the world of Doctor Who – the early lives of friends and foes that have never been told before. Amy Pond looks for her Raggedy Man, Jo Grant remembers her childhood, the Master hunts the past . . . a young girl discovers a love for explosives.

Read up with Doctor Who: Origin Stories here

Two Doctors means double the adventure

Doctor Who - The Lonely Assassins and The Edge of Reality

Come face to face with Weeping Angels, Cybermen, Daleks, and more! Join the Thirteenth Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) and Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) on an epic adventure in space and time in Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality, and team up with Petronella Osgood to solve a chilling found-phone mystery in Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins.

Play these thrilling games here 

Get kitted out for the future

Forbidden Planet

Introducing Doctor Who: The Diamond Collection: a celebration of 60 years of Doctor Who. An impressive array of 100 pieces, each strictly limited edition. Look out for additional items like mugs and coasters for some designs, too. Last order for Xmas delivery in the UK is 9pm 15th December.

Get some Forbidden Planet apparel here

Face a demon with the Fourth Doctor

Demon Quest

A classic audio adventure starring Tom Baker is released on vinyl for the first time. Every copy includes an exclusive, frameable portrait of the Fourth Doctor, hand signed by Tom Baker himself. The Time Lord’s encounters with the mysterious Demon are detailed in The Doctor’s Journal, a large 16-page full colour booklet featuring notes and illustrations from this epic pursuit through Time.

Join the Fourth Doctor here 

The First Doctor's black and white Blu-ray adventures

The Collection Season 2

William Hartnell's First Doctor is the next Time Lord to come to Blu-ray with Season 2 in The Collection. Across a jam-packed season of 37 episodes, the Doctor is joined by faithful companions Susan (Carole Ann Ford), Ian (William Russell), Barbara (Jacqueline Hill), Vicki (Maureen O’Brien) and Steven (Peter Purves). Together they face off against the dreaded Daleks, the marauding Mechanoids, the ant-like Zarbi and the Meddling Monk, while visiting fantastic alien worlds and turbulent times in the Earth’s history.

Find out more here

The Doctor Needs You!

A Dalek Awakens

A rogue Dalek, a spaceship on the verge of destruction and an impossible choice…

Step on board a doomed spaceship, where a rogue Dalek has tapped into the power system, in an attempt to recharge its weapons. Should the Doctor’s most feared enemy be successful, it will exterminate all in its path. You, the Doctor’s friends, must prevent this catastrophe. You must defeat the Dalek to allow the spaceship to continue safely on its journey. Take too long and your destination will be extermination!

Escape the Dalek’s clutches in a Doctor Who escape room here

Keep in the know

Doctor Who Magazine

The official BBC-licensed magazine covers everything you need to know about the award-winning television show. Doctor Who Magazine contains exclusive interviews with the cast and crew, plus it brings you features and images every four weeks that you won't find anywhere else - including a regular column from showrunner Russell T Davies, and the continuing adventures of the Fourteenth Doctor (David Tennant)!

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Travel back to the beginning

Doctor Who and the Daleks

This is a dramatic reinvention of the very first Doctor Who novel from 1963 and the hundreds of novels that followed, but few can claim to have surpassed its powerful storytelling and unique atmosphere. Written by Doctor Who's first story editor, David Whitaker and lavishly illustrated by acclaimed comic book artist Robert Hack.

This is the ultimate edition of an iconic novel - a deluxe volume that embraces both proud tradition and modern innovation to present the drama of a Dalek dystopia as you've never seen it before...

Face the Daleks in the first novel here

Make it personal

Star Editions

Whether you’re a long-time Doctor Who fan looking to build your collection or a newbie looking for some quality Doctor Who merchandise, the Official Doctor Who shop offers a huge range of personalised home and giftware featuring all of your favourite characters across the series. A personalised Doctor Who mug, magnet, cushion or clock would make an excellent gift for any Doctor Who Fan.

Get a personalised gift here

Tune into the Eighth Doctor

Big Finish - The Eighth Doctor Adventures

Enjoy a double-bill of brand-new Eighth Doctor audio adventures packed with celebrity guest stars. Joining Paul McGann in these exciting box sets are Nicola Walker and Hattie Morahan (as companions Liv Chenka and Helen Sinclair), along with familiar TV names like Shane Richie, Nina Wadia, Joseph Millson, Jeff Rawle and Nicholas Briggs as the Daleks. They are a perfect jumping-on point for new Big Finish listeners, young or old.

Join in the audio adventure here on CD or Download

Fancy a trip?

Doctor Who - World of Wonder

Doctor Who Worlds of Wonder features eight zones filled with immersive, hands-on experiences. Travel through the Time Vortex Corridor, discover Sonic Screwdrivers, teleportation technology and much more in a TARDIS Tech room, and get up close with some of the series' weird and wonderful creatures in the Monster Vault. This must-see exhibition brings a scientific perspective to The Doctor's adventures, drawing on content from across the full canon of Doctor Who.

Travel to the latest location of the exhibition in Edinburgh here

Plan your year with the Doctor

Danilo Doctor Who Calendars

This calendar is a very special edition as it will mark the 60th Anniversary of Doctor Who! Each month features a different Doctor from over the years along with imagery of some of the friends and enemies they’ve met along the way. This wall calendar also has large monthly date panels where you can keep track of appointments, birthdays and make plenty of notes.

Get prepared for the Diamond Anniversary here

The first trip for the Second Doctor

Doctor Who and the Power of the Daleks

Nicholas Briggs reads this epic novelisation of the Second Doctor's debut TV adventure. Disoriented after his regeneration, the Doctor takes the TARDIS to the Earth colony planet Vulcan. Ben and Polly are disturbed—the Doctor isn't the man he used to be. The Doctor is also worried; the colonists have found the remains of two Daleks, which they plan to revive! Once reanimated, the Daleks claim that they are content to serve humanity...

Find this epic tale on audio here on CD or download

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