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Doctor Who Actress: 'You don’t always have to be strong to be a good role model' - The Fan Show

By Cameron K McEwan

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Rebecca, who plays the strong-willed Kar, was asked by The Fan Show host Christel Dee on the importance of positive female role models in Doctor Who, the actress replied:

“Oh, it’s so important.

It’s really important to have representation for little girls to feel like they can do something better or do something more, or do something bigger.

It’s not just about having strong female role models, it’s about having women who are real that you can actually go, ‘You know what, if I were in her shoes, I’d feel that way too. You don't always have to be strong to be a good role model.”

Benson, also a guest star in hit shows such as The Crown (with former Doctor Who Matt Smith) and Game Of Thrones, spoke of her joy when the part was offered, she said:

“When Kar came through, I was just thrilled to get to play a warrior and I was so happy to get a sword, and run around and scream and do all those really heroic stuff that you always really want to do when you want to become an actor!”

Rebecca also chats about keeping her casting in Doctor Who secret from her family, working with fellow Scot Peter Capaldi and, as always, hairstyles…

Watch Doctor Who: The Fan Show – The Aftershow episode 10 in the player below.

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