David Tennant's Tenth Doctor joins Family Guy

By Cameron K McEwan

Despite no physical presence at this weekend's San Diego Comic Con, Doctor Who did feature in one of the many new trailers screened there.

The annual event, which attracts hundreds of thousands of members of all sorts of fandoms, hosted a panel to celebrate the long-running animated FOX show, Family Guy.

Those present were treated to a trailer for the upcoming fifteenth season. Much to the surprise of everyone, not only does the TARDIS make an appearances, but so does the Tenth Doctor as voiced by David Tennant.

Watch the full trailer below. Be warned - this footage includes material unsuitable for younger fans.

This isn't the first time, however, that Family Guy has referenced Doctor Who.

The title sequence from the 1970s Fourth Doctor's run was utilised in the first Family Guy Star Wars special when the Millennium Falcon goes into lightspeed. According to the 2009 episode 420, television ratings went up when marijuana was legalized and in the following year's Welcome Back, Carter, there's an owl called "Doctor Who". Though that could possibly just be "Hoo". But we'll take it anyway!

So far, Family Guy has not been mentioned onscreen in Doctor Who...

Family Guy Season 15 starts in September, 2016.

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