David Bradley and John Barrowman will cameo in Time Fracture

David Bradley and John Barrowman are reprising their roles as the First Doctor (first played by William Hartnell) and Captain Jack Harkness, in pre-recorded cameo appearances for the immersive show Time Fracture!

The theatrical event is due to open its doors on the 26th May. Get ready to join the First Doctor and Captain Jack for an adventure like no other...

Pre-order tickets for Time Fracture, the immersive Doctor Who theatrical event, here

two men posing infront of green screen

Both John Barrowman and David Bradley have expressed their delight at having been approached to be involved.

David Bradley said:

"This is going to be something really special. Anyone who sees the show who is not a Doctor Who fan when they go in, surely will be when they come out! It’s going to be an amazing experience."

John Barrowman said:

"I wanted to get involved not only because I love storytelling and I love Captain Jack the character, but also because this introduces Jack to the next generation of Doctor Who fans. If you’re coming to this - why not dress up as your favourite character? it’s going to be like Comic Con but with a storyline! Create your character, get in there and enjoy the journey."

The production, featuring a cast of over 40 live performers, began rehearsals on site last week, and the set is undergoing finishing touches ahead of ‘UNIT HQ’ opening its doors to audiences on 26 May.

Much of the show is being kept under wraps so as not to spoil surprises that await audiences, but there is a glimpse into the world of Time Fracture with one of the 17 environments that have been created for the show below:

Room of computers in time fracture head quarters

Rebecca Brower, Designer said:

"It is incredible to see my designs come to life in such an impressive and detailed way. We’ve been working whenever possible over the past 12 months off site to get everything right, and the build on site has been completely invigorating to be involved in first hand."

Also live from this week is the lottery for a special performance for key workers. In recognition of their work throughout the pandemic, the Producers of Doctor Who Time Fracture are making free tickets available to frontline healthcare, services and NHS staff for a performance on 23 May 2021. Lottery winners will be drawn on 17 May.

Pre-order tickets for Time Fracture, the immersive Doctor Who theatrical event, here before the first preview performanced from the 26th May.

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