Dark Bunny Tees for the Third Doctor

Two new Dark Bunny Tees designs have been unveiled, celebrating the Third Doctor’s tenure.

The first sees the Doctor flipping a Sea Devil, as part of an advert for ‘Doctor John Smith’s Venusian Aikido’ training for UNIT soliders. The Third Doctor was keen on this martial art as it has no attacking moves – using it to defend himself against Professor Stahlman in Inferno, amongst others.


The second design is an advert for doll and mannequin manufacturer Auto Plastics. Featured in the Third Doctor’s first adventure Spearhead from Space, Auto Plastics was taken over by the Nestene Consciousness, who used it as a base to launch their first Auton invasion.

The tees are available to buy now at the Dark Bunny Tees website.

Says Dark Bunny Tees design supremo Alex Work: “In terms of an iconic monster, it was a tricky choice but went with the incredibly creepy Autons. Second choice was the Sea Devils, which is why I had to include one of them in the Aikido design.”

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