Coming soon, the First Doctor and his villains, plus two Dalek sets of action figures

Character Options has announced their next batch of Doctor Who products, with four new sets going on sale in August 2021.

These action figures are available from B&M in the UK from mid-August.

This exciting launch will introduce two more action figure trios plus two additional special collectors’ packs for Dalek Fans. Each and every set of this detailed series will include highly detailed 5.5 inch scale figures featuring multiple points of articulation.


The Sensorites Figure Set




This action figure set is inspired by the First Doctor story The Sensorites, first broadcast in 1964.

The Doctor and his companions land on a spaceship orbiting a distant and mysterious world, where a human crew lie frozen somewhere between life and death. The planet is the Sense-Sphere, home of the Sensorites, beings of immense intelligence and power. Unable to leave, the Doctor and his companions must deduce the Sensorites' intentions: are they friendly, hostile, or frightened? And what is the deadly secret at the heart of the Sense-Sphere?

The set comprises of a First Doctor figure, a Sensorite Action Figure with Probe Accessory plus an alternative Sensorite ELDER Action Figure with Probe Accessory.


The Keys of Marinus Set




This set is inspired by another classic First Doctor story, The Keys of Marinus, first broadcast in 1964.

On a remote island of glass surrounded by a sea of acid, there is a machine that can remove evil from the minds of an entire population — the Conscience of Marinus. Fearful of its immense power falling into the wrong hands, its sole guardian has scattered the machine's operating keys across the planet. The TARDIS crew arrives to find the island under attack by the evil Voord. Marinus' last line of defense — and its only hope — is the Conscience machine. The Doctor and his companions must undertake a deadly quest to recover the keys of Marinus...

The figures in this set include an Ian Chesterton action figure, accompanied by not one but two Voord Warriors with a dagger accessory.


The Power of The Daleks Set




Inspired by the Second Doctor’s story, The Power of the Daleks, first broadcast in 1966.

The newly regenerated Time Lord and his companions, Polly and Ben, do battle with an old foe on the mysterious planet Vulcan. How will Polly and Ben cope with a new Doctor? How will the Doctor take to his new body? And how will they ever overcome the power of the Daleks?

This is the first in two History Daleks set, comprising of two highly detailed Daleks – the Silver Drone Dalek and Drone with Mutant Scoop Dalek.


The Day of the Daleks Set




The Third Doctor’s classic story, Day of the Daleks, first broadcast in 1972, is also getting the action figure treatment.

On Earth in the 22nd century, Daleks have enslaved the planet and humans live in fear of their masters. Meanwhile, back in the 20th century, a peace conference is urgently needed to prevent World War Three. When reports reach UNIT of a ghost at Auderly House — the site for the conference — the Doctor and Jo decide to investigate. Danger is waiting for them there, including a trip two hundred years into the future without the TARDIS...

This action figure set includes the Gold Supreme Dalek and Grey drone Dalek.


Al Dewar Character Options’ Creative Director said: "Once again we are delighted to be working with B and M in bringing a fresh new collection to the legions of fans. This substantial line up represents some of the finest early Doctor Who episodes and will be familiar to many from diehard fans to adults that spent their child hoods hiding behind the sofa on Saturdays at teatime!"

These action figures are available from B&M in the UK from mid-August 2021.

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