Classic Doctor Who Vinyl Reissued For Record Store Day 2017

By Cameron K McEwan

After the success of last year’s Record Store Day Exclusive, Genesis Of The Daleks, Demon Records are proud to present the 2017 Vinyl Reissue of Doctor Who & The Pescatons on 180g heavy weight Pescaton Green coloured vinyl.

The story was originally released on LP and cassette in 1976 and features the voices of Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen, who play the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith respectively. Doctor Who & The Pescatons was written by Victor Pemberton, author of Second Doctor adventure, Fury from the Deep (the story which introduced the Sonic Screwdriver).

As an added bonus the gatefold release comes backed with Doctor Who: Sound Effects on Orange vinyl. This title was originally released in 1978 and features iconic sounds and effects from the ‘classic’ era.

With the original artwork for each release back to back this is a must for any Doctor Who fan. Here's what you will find on this unique double album:

Side A: Doctor Who And The Pescatons Part 1

Side B: Doctor Who And The Pescatons Part 2 
Doctor Who And The Pescatons cover

Side C: Doctor Who Sound Effects

  1. The Central Control Room In Exillon City
  2. The Dalek Control Room
  3. Metebelis III Atmosphere
  4. Styre's Scouting Machine
  5. Dalek Hatching Tanks On Skaros
  6. Zygon Spaceship Control Centre
  7. Sutekh Time Tunnel
  8. The Interior Of Xoanon

Side D: Doctor Who Sound Effects

  1. The Shrine Of The Sisterhood Of Karn
  2. Kraal Disorientation Chamber
  3. The ManDoctoragora Helix
  4. Atomic Reactor Runs Wild
  5. Wind-Mine Machine
  6. Distillation Chamber
  7. Cloning And Minituarisation Process
  8. Inside Doctor. Who's Mind
  9. TARDIS Interior (In Flight)
  10. TARDIS Interior (Stationary)
  11. Observation Screen Operates
  12. TARDIS Door Opens
  13. Sonic ScrewDoctoriver
  14. Fission Gun
  15. Tesh Gun
  16. Gallifreyan Staser Gun
  17. Vardan Gun

Doctor Who And The Pescatons / Sound Effects will be available on Record Store Day only - April 22, 2017.

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