Classic Doctor Who on Twitch Twitter reactions: The Third and Fourth Doctor

We’re now more than halfway through the Doctor Who marathon on Twitch and it’s been a hell of a ride! We’ve seen the Earth saved countless times, met a host of incredible companions, battled monsters and travelled the universe with both the Third and Fourth Doctors.

And of course, amongst the feats and fails and magnificent triumphs over the course of 70’s Doctor Who, there’s been cheeky memes here and there. In case you missed out or want a quick recap of the highlights, we’ve compiled our favourite memes, reactions and moments for you to catch up with!

Colour Doctor Who

In 1970, Doctor Who first began transmitting in colour after being aired in black and white for its first 7 years. Jon Pertwee’s first story as the Third Doctor, Spearhead from Space - which launched Doctor Who into the world of colour - surprised and delighted many Twitch viewers!




The trailers that Twitch have shown in between episodes provided us with many fantastic memes for the First and Second Doctors and the Third Doctor’s trailer was no exception. Get ready for the signature catchphrase, ‘HAIK!’.

The Third Doctor likes to practice a form of self-defence called ‘Venusian Aikido’ and shouts loudly as he strikes his foes. Viewers were left baffled as it wasn’t clear what he was shouting. What did they hear instead? IKEA! Yes, that’s right folks, it looks like the Third Doctor is really passionate about furniture.




Absolute UNIT

The Third Doctor spends much of his era exiled on planet Earth and working with secret military organisation, UNIT. If you’re an avid internet memer, you’ll know that ‘Absolute Unit’ is often used on the internet to refer to large objects or people. This, coupled with the fact that UNIT is a team of big, strong, military people, added extra value to this meme for viewers…




Jo Grant

Iconic for her funky 70’s outfits and adorable, brave nature, Jo Grant hit Twitch with a bang in Terror of The Autons and everyone LOVED her. As the Doctor and the rest of UNIT welcomed her into their world and their adventures, viewers took to Twitter to share their admiration…





The Doctor and The Master

Viewers met the Doctor’s arch nemesis, the Master, in 1971’s Terror of the Autons. Over the course of their time together on screen, their relationship blossoms into… enemies, right? Twitch viewers revelled in their intense storyline, analysing how much the pair love/hate each other.





Three’s Footwork

In The Sea Devils, the Third Doctor faced off against the Master in a truly epic swordfight. One line viewers hooked on to was the Doctor’s response to the Master telling him that he wouldn’t win; ‘Ah, but you haven't seen the quality of my footwork yet!’ And thus, another meme was born.




Three into Four

Viewers said goodbye to the Third Doctor in 1974’s Planet of The Spiders, leaving a sense of awe and sadness in everyone’s hearts. The end of this era saw Jon Pertwee’s Doctor hit by a mass of radiation after a battle with giant spiders, causing him to regenerate into the Fourth incarnation. Fans old and new laughed, cried and mourned our brilliant fluffy-haired Doc…




Introducing Four

Twitch viewers loved Tom Baker’s debut as the Fourth Doctor in 1974’s Robot, laughing at and adoring his post regeneration wardrobe fails, winning smile and booming voice...




Sarah Jane Smith

Companion, Sarah Jane Smith won the hearts of Twitch viewers throughout the Third and Fourth Doctor’s eras. From her first appearance in The Time Warrior to her exit in The Hand of Fear, her intelligent, kind and brave personality was just what the Doctor ordered.






Another Mistake, Styre!

We were blessed with not one, but TWO trailers for the Fourth Doctor on Twitch – DOUBLE MEMES! The first featured our curly haired Time Lord bringing out the savagery on Styre the Sontaran; ‘ANOTHER MISTAKE, STYRE!’ from The Sontaran Experiment. Viewers quickly ran with the joke, wondering just how many mistakes Styre had made and when it was going to end?When the trailer got replaced with fan Pip Madeley’s meme filled video, fans wondered if Styre’s mistakes had finally taken the biscuit…






A tribal, futuristic killing machine, Leela is probably the most aggressive of the Doctor’s companions. Twitch viewers found her way of dealing with things a bit wild, what with all the killing and cutting out people’s hearts. But, her poisonous Janis thorns weaponry, animal skin outfits and deadly knife helped her battle her way through time and space. And Leela’s incredible intelligence and wit helped save the day and made people wild with love and excitement for our warrior princess.





Salami Sandwich

Pip’s Fourth Doctor trailer brought yet another host of jokes, close ups and brilliant moments for viewers to get involved with, bringing the Twitch chat to life. The moment that got the most love, you ask? Well, it’s only that iconic moment from The Masque of Mandragora where the Doctor creepily announces, ‘I wouldn’t even say no to a salami sandwich!’.




Romana and The Doctor

Season 16 of Doctor Who saw the debut of companion Romana (also a Time Lord), and the beginning of an exciting era of adventures for the TARDIS team. Across her two incarnations, Romana got a lot of love from Twitch viewers…





Fourth Doctor’s Regeneration

Then another epic era came to an end, something that had been prepared for... It was eventually time to say goodbye to the Fourth Doctor after 7 years’ worth of stories (in just 2 weeks) and people were feeling it. Logopolis features our favourite scarf-wearing loon falling from a giant telescope after preventing the Master from taking over the universe before regenerating into the Fifth Doctor played by Peter Davison. As ever, the fans reacted with memes, gifs, and lots of crying…





K-9 and Company

1981 spawned the debut of Doctor Who spin off, K-9 and Company. Featuring previous companion Sarah Jane Smith and K-9, the robot dog, it brought together two Who legends that hadn’t previously been seen on screen together. With it’s fabulously camp, 80’s theme tune (video here) alone, it’s hard not to love K-9 and Company.






The Classic Doctor Who on Twitch marathon isn’t over yet! The Fifth Doctor kicks off on July 9th. Be sure to tune in each day, Monday to Friday from 11am Pacific US / 7pm UK to catch episodes on

You can find a full episode listing with screening times from a US and UK perspective in our Watch section.

We’ll be back very soon with a final roundup of the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Doctor!

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