Classic Doctor Who on Twitch Twitter Reactions: Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Doctors

By Beth Axford

Over the past 7 weeks more than 500 episodes from the 26 seasons of classic Doctor Who have aired worldwide on the live streaming video platform Twitch. Fans have enjoyed adventures from the first seven Doctors while chatting to thousands of fellow viewers around the world, some of them experiencing classic Doctor Who for the first time.

It’s time for our last recap of our favourite reactions, memes and moments from the stream - meet the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Doctors as they take on shape-changing robots, amphibious capitalists and… the Eighties!

The Fifth Doctor

Viewers got to meet the Fifth Doctor in 1982’s Castrovalva. Many adored this cricket-loving Doctor and his odd choice of accessories (celery anyone?), inspiring some fans to create these beautiful pieces of art:





Heathrow 1981

After accidentally boarding the TARDIS in Logopolis, Tegan Jovanka, an air hostess from the 1980s, finds herself out of her time. The Fifth Doctor attempts to return her to her first day at Heathrow airport; “Heathrow, 1981!” he exclaims as they land, only to discover that they’ve arrived 300 years too early!

The moment was featured in the trailer that Twitch played in between episodes for the Fifth Doctor. It particularly excited viewers as it harked back to an earlier meme from the First Doctor episode The Chase where Ian announces to his fellow companion Barbara that they had landed in “London, 1965!”.





The Doctor is no stranger to a robotic companion, having travelled with a tin dog named K-9 for much of his Fourth incarnation. The Fifth Doctor is no exception. During The King’s Demons Kamelion, a shape-changing droid previously used by The Master for his own meddling schemes, joins the TARDIS team. Some viewers were a little freaked out by Kamelion’s appearance whilst some loved it:






The Doctor meets a human expedition on planet Deva Loka assessing the planet’s suitability for colonisation. Some of their members have experienced a nervous breakdown as a result of the presence of the Mara, a species that thrives on fear and takes over a host in their dreams.

Commander Sanders and his second in command Hindle, two of the members of the crew, have built a cardboard city with little cardboard people for fun. When the Doctor accidently steps on one of the cardboard people, Sanders reassures him it can be mended easily with a “drop of glue” to which Hindle responds furiously “You can’t mend people, can you?”. The moment was featured in the trailer for the Fifth Doctor sending Twitch viewers into a spin every time it was played:





Adric is a young mathematic genius who boarded the TARDIS in 1980’s Full Circle and travelled with the Fourth and Fifth Doctors. His adventures came to an abrupt end when he sacrificed himself to save Nyssa, Tegan the Fifth Doctor in Earthshock. The onscreen death of a companion came as a shock to some viewers…





The Fifth Doctor regenerates

It was soon time to say goodbye to the Fifth Doctor! After being poisoned in The Caves of Androzani, he has no choice but to regenerate. Viewers paid tribute to Peter Davison’s Fifth Doctor and welcomed in Colin Baker’s Sixth!





The Sixth Doctor

The Sixth Doctor inspired plenty of fan art and memes as his era played out on Twitch. Viewers loved his colourful outfit, peculiar personality and big hair!





Sil was a peculiar looking alien Mentor (a race of amphibious capitalists) involved in rather unethical schemes and businesses. The Sixth Doctor and Peri meet him in Vengeance on Varos while trying to find a rare mineral to repair the TARDIS. Sil’s appearance and hilarious laugh created mass hysteria among Twitch viewers and the character became a firm favourite:







Carrot Juice…

As the Sixth Doctor and his companion Mel head off into the TARDIS at the end of The Trial of a Time Lord, they both have a strong craving for carrot juice. ‘Carrot juice?’ asks the Doctor. ‘Carrot juice, carrot juice, carrot juice…’ Colin Baker did not return for the Sixth Doctor’s regeneration in Time and the Rani, making these his final (and somewhat bizarre) last words.



The Sixth Doctor regenerates

Colin Baker left Doctor Who somewhat abruptly without filming a regeneration scene at the end of The Trial of a Time Lord so when Sylvester McCoy stepped into the role of the Seventh Doctor in Time and the Rani, the producers had him wear a blonde curly wig to stand in for the Sixth Doctor before his regeneration:



The Seventh Doctor

The Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) arrived on Twitch on 19th July. Viewers fell in love with this mysterious, spoon-playing clown as they watched him take a trip to a planet full of killer cats and face off villains like Time Lady the Rani or the candy-obsessed robot Kandyman.





In Dragonfire, Mel leaves the TARDIS and in her place, new companion Ace steps up to travel with the Seventh Doctor. The teenager from Perivale, London quickly became a hit amongst Twitch viewers with her penchant for Nitro 9 explosives, her bomber jacket covered in pin badges and above all her bravery!





The latter half of the Seventh Doctor’s run included plenty of explosions, mostly caused by his companion Ace and her obsession with blowing things up! A clip of Ace slamming her fist down onto a table and shouting “BOOM!” in the Seventh Doctor Twitch trailer quickly became a meme:


The end of Doctor Who on Twitch

The marathon came to an end on 23rd July with 1989’s Survival. Viewers took to Twitter to bid farewell to 26 years of classic Who (and the seven week marathon) as they watched the Seventh Doctor and his companion Ace walk away into the sunset in the episode’s final shot:








That’s the classic Doctor Who marathon over for now! Endings are always sad but there’s no doubt that this epic screening has brought a lot of joy (and memes)!

Reminisce with our recaps for the First and Second Doctor here and the Third and Fourth Doctor here.

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