Celebrate International Women’s Day with Big Finish - and more titles for March!

March sees the release of a range of brand new audio adventures from Big Finish: Rassilion returns to rule as the Time War rages on Gallifrey, Gwen Cooper from Torchwood faces off against a classic monster from Doctor Who, eight incredible women from the Doctor Who universe feature in four special adventures for International Women’s Day and more.

Here’s a roundup of what’s available to buy on CD and download this month.


It's time to return to Kamelion's homeworld...

The Fifth Doctor, Tegan, Turlough and Kamelion discover the origins of his race in this Doctor Who Main Range story. But the Kamille have long since gone from this plane of existence… or have they?

Order Doctor Who: Monthly Range: The Kamelion Empire from Big Finish

The Fourth Doctor returns to the world of Comic Strips...

The legendary Fourth Doctor comic strips from Doctor Who Weekly (now Doctor Who Magazine) are recreated on audio! These two stories feature deadly robot legionaries, a new companion called Sharon (played by Rhianne Starbuck), and a deadly but adorable monster called Beep the Meep!

Order Doctor Who: Fourth Doctor: The Comic Strip Adaptations from Big Finish

Eight Incredible Women. Four incredible stories.

Celebrating International Women’s Day, the Eighth of March sees four different adventures, all occurring on the same day, with some of the indomitable women from the Doctor Who universe.

Order Worlds of Doctor Who: The Eighth of March from Big Finish

Rassilion return to rule in Gallifrey Time War

The Time War rages on at Gallifrey in the second boxset of adventures. Lalla Ward and Seán Carlsen return as Romana and Narvin, and Terrence Hardiman (from The Demon Headmaster) plays a resurrected Rassilon...

Order Gallifrey: Time War 2 from Big Finish

The Seventh doctor plays a most dangerous game...

When her sister is poisoned, Reya quests for the only substance that can save her, the blood of the last dragon. The only thing that stands in her way is a strange little man called the Doctor. He’s refusing to let her kill the dragon, even though it will save her sister. Defeat the Doctor, kill the dragon, save her sister. What could be simpler? The Seventh Doctor plays a most deadly game in the latest Short Trip at Big Finish, available on download at just £2.99, read by Sophie Aldred (who played Ace in the television series).

Order Doctor Who: Short Trips: Doctors and Dragons from Big Finish

It's Torchwood versus Doctor Who monsters!

Gwen Cooper faces off against the Fendahl in the return of the Torchwood monthly range. This is the start of four stories that features some of the Torchwood team facing off against Doctor Who monsters... In this very adult tale, a man named Marco is filming in Fetch Priory. And Gwen Cooper is his victim.

Order Torchwood: Night of the Fendahl Dragons from Big Finish

All titles are initially available exclusively from the Big Finish website in March. Check back here next month for a roundup of their April releases.

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