Carole Ann Ford joins David Bradley in the First Doctor Adventures

By Christel Dee

David Bradley will reprise his role as the First Doctor (played by William Hartnell in the original television series) in a third series of The First Doctor Adventures from Big Finish in January 2019.

He’ll star alongside Claudia Grant as Susan, Jamie Glover as Ian Chesterton and Jemma Powell as Barbara Wright as well as a very special guest star, Carole Ann Ford (who played Susan in the television series) who is guest starring as ‘The Woman’.

“It’s always a treat to work with Carole,” says producer David Richardson. “She’s so openly enthusiastic about Big Finish, and we’re currently chatting about new projects that you’ll see her in in the future. I loved the idea of having her in our First Doctor Adventures – she had met David, Claudia, Jamie and Jemma during the making of the TV film, An Adventure in Space and Time, and this was a very happy reunion.

“In fact, David hadn’t noticed Carole’s name on the script front, and so when she walked through the door his face broke into the happiest of beaming smiles. It was clear that he was utterly delighted to have Doctor Who royalty involved!”

Two more adventures await the TARDIS team in The First Doctor Adventures Volume Three:

1. The Phoenicians by Marc Platt

2. Tick-Tock World by Guy Adams

Available in January 2019 on CD and download, you can pre-order The First Doctor Adventures Volume Three at £23 on CD or £20 on download from

Or you can save money with a bundle. Order Volume Three with Volume Two (out this month) and Volume One (released last year) for £68 on CD or £60 on download.

And if you can’t wait until next year, the TARDIS team will encounter a brave new world, a new alien race and the undiscovered society of Feudal Japan in the second volume of The First Doctor Adventures, released later this month. 

2.1 The Invention of Death by John Dorney

After an experimental flight, the TARDIS crew find themselves on one of the strangest worlds they have ever encountered.Alien life takes many forms, and on Ashtallah the travellers find all their preconceptions tested.But this world is about to make a discovery – and it could mean the end of everything.

2.2 The Barbarians and the Samurai by Andrew Smith

In 19th Century Japan, Westerners are forbidden. So when the TARDIS arrives near Lord Mamoru’s castle, the daimyo’s Samurai are soon on their trail.Uncovering secrets at court and treachery in the ranks, the Doctor and his friends are drawn into intrigue.And, as a battle begins, they are caught in the middle.

You can get more information and read behind-the-scenes interviews with both writers in June’s Vortex magazine. Andrew Smith reveals his extensive research for The Barbarians and the Samurai, and John Dorney teases us about the new alien species for the first TARDIS team to discover. You can download Vortex for free here.

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