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Callie Cooke on the "dark side" of 'Dot And Bubble'

The latest star to join the Whoniverse talks about what to expect from her character Lindy Pepper-Bean, working alongside Ncuti Gatwa and having an 'unapologetically fun' time on the Doctor Who set...

In the upcoming adventure Dot and Bubble, the Doctor and Ruby will contend with giant slug monsters and futuristic technology on the utopian world of Finetime - where they will also meet Lindy Pepper-Bean, played by Callie Cooke.

We spoke to Callie about joining the Whoniverse and what to expect from the latest episode...

Watch Dot And Bubble on BBC iPlayer from Saturday 1st June and on Disney+ from Friday 31st May where available.

Callie Cooke Q&A

How does it feel to be joining the Whoniverse?

It’s very exciting, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I couldn’t have had more of a positive experience to be doing such a unique episode that I hope will have a big impact – it’s such a privilege. 

Have you always wanted to be a part of Doctor Who? Who is your favourite Doctor and monster

Yes, I’ve always wanted to be in Doctor Who, I said it publicly about 10 years ago. I’m a Matt Smith fan, also a David Tennant fan because I am obsessed with him as an actor. In terms of monsters, I actually think the Bogeyman in Space Babies is one of the scariest monsters I’ve ever seen. 

How does Doctor Who differ from other projects you've worked on?

I have never been on something that is so unapologetically fun. You can just go as big as you like, while being so supported. Not just by the fans, but Russell and the crew. You can have so much fun with it. I think what is so special about this season is there’s so much heart, drama and charm. It ticks every box. 

Tell us a little about your character and what qualities of them you found most interesting to play?

I play Lindy Pepper-Bean who is sort of an influencer of the future. She exists on a planet called Finetime which is basically where rich parents send their kids to live a perfect carefree life. Lindy is incredibly complex – she’s very privileged, very sheltered, set in her ways, petulant and sometimes a bit annoying - which was an exciting mix to play. She really cares about her friends, but she probably cares more about how she looks and comes across more!

Callie Cooke Q&A

What was it like acting alongside the special effects and stunts?

I did do some stunts – that was very fun to film! The stunt team are amazing. I worked hugely with special effects every day. 

Can you tell us the tone of your episode and what to expect?

The tone of the episode when it starts is incredibly shiny and silly and, to the eye, looks quite harmless. But it definitely has a dark side and an undercurrent that is so important, I think Russell does that so well in his writing. And Ncuti blew us all away on set – he is such a brilliant actor, so you can expect to see that!

Explain a little about your costume and how it came to be. 

Pam Downe, our costume designer has created this incredibly colourful pastel pallet that most of Finetime mirrors. So we see Lindy in lots of purples and pinks, wearing a feathery cuff blazer, a cutesy little skirt and some pumps which fits her character perfectly. Pam was amazing at letting me have some freedom to decide what we wanted Lindy to wear, but it had to be practical as it’s Doctor Who after all and I needed to run around. 

Describe 'Dot and Bubble' in three words.

Thrilling. Fun. Ominous…

Watch Dot And Bubble on BBC iPlayer from Saturday 1st June and on Disney+ from Friday 31st May where available.

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