Amy Pond's novel Summer Falls out now

Clara: What chapter you on?
Artie: Ten
Clara: Eleven’s the best. You’ll cry your eyes out... The good kind of crying….

Summer Falls: a favourite book of the Doctor's new companion, Clara. A book by one Amelia Williams.

Written in 1954, Summer Falls is set in the seaside village of Watchcombe, where young Kate is determined to make the most of her last week of summer holiday. But when she discovers a mysterious painting entitled ‘The Lord of Winter’ in a charity shop, it leads her on an adventure she never could have planned.

Kate soon realises the old seacape, painted long ago by an eccentric local artist, is actually a puzzle. And with the help of some bizarre new acquaintances – including a museum curator's magical cat, a miserable neighbour, and a lonely boy – she plans on solving it.

And then, one morning Kate wakes up to a world changed forever. For the Lord of Winter is coming – and Kate has a very important decision to make. “When summer falls, the Lord of Winter will arise...”

Summer Falls is available now globally as an ebook: UK | US, and you can read the first chapter on the Radio Times website (these links take you to sites beyond our control).

Summer Falls, a book written by Amelia Williams, is featured at the beginning of The Bells of Saint John, where it's being read by Artie, one of the children Clara looks after.

Summer Falls

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