Ace t-shirts from Dark Bunny Tees

July’s Dark Bunny t-shirt designs celebrate the saccharine executioner Kandy Man, and iconic Seventh Doctor companion Ace - and are available now.

The preferred method of public execution by Helen A’s regime, one should never be found lurking on Terra Alpha without both a smile on your face and a Fondant Surprise-fan t-shirt. Happiness will prevail with this tee.

T-shirt 1

The second design celebrates Ace – and more specifically, her homemade explosive Nitro 9. Carrying a ‘Risk of Explosion’ symbol, the tee’s reverse features the iconic ‘Ace’ detailing found on the character’s own bomber jacket. Wicked!

T-shirt 2

Both designs can be purchased from the Dark Bunny Tees website now - or browse the tees released over the past six months.

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