Making a Splash! A (Very) Brief History of the Sea Devils

The Sea Devils are the aquatic cousins of the Silurians. They also have similar motives to their land-bound counterparts - namely, reclaiming the Earth from those upstart humans!

Despite only being the antagonists in two televised adventures, the Sea Devils’ legacy is much greater than their limited appearances would suggest. They remain fan favourites, having appeared in numerous book, comic and audio stories. However, their appearance in the upcoming Legend of the Sea Devils is their first onscreen adventure since 1984. To prepare you, here is a history of the Sea Devils and their brief, but highly impactful, appearances...

First Emergence
The Sea Devils

As with many things in the Doctor Who universe, the Doctor’s encounter with the Sea Devils is the fault of the Master. Even though the Master had been imprisoned by UNIT, he’d been stealing equipment. Why? To contact the Sea Devils, of course!

After failing to negotiate peace between humanity and the Silurians, the Doctor was keen to broker a peace that benefitted humans and Sea Devils alike. Unfortunately for the Doctor, the Master had other ideas. Manipulating both sides, the Master pitted them against one other, planning to use the Sea Devils to wipe out humanity. Luckily, the Doctor was able to prevent an all-out war between the two species. However, in the ensuing struggle, the Master managed to escape…

Terror Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea
Warriors of the Deep

In 2084, the Sea Devils formed another alliance. This time, they decided not to team up with the Master - which is a smart move, given how he’ll almost certainly betray you! Instead, they joined forces with the Silurians; which makes sense, given they’re related and have the same goal. Sporting new samurai influenced armour, the Sea Devils were the muscle of the plan, with the Silurians acting as the brains.

Their plan was simple: Invade an underwater military base, and use the missiles to trigger an international war. The humans destroy themselves, and they get their planet back. As with all plans, even the simple ones, they tend to go wrong when the Doctor’s standing in your way…

The Sea Devils will return in Legend of the Sea Devils this spring.

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