A mega Tenth Doctor, a wicked Second Doctor plus more…

Get a first look at a mega statuette of the Tenth Doctor, plus new figurines to add to your figurine collection from Hero Collector.

You will be able to order all of these Doctor Who figurines soon from Hero Collector



Standing over 12” tall, this hand-painted statuette captures the iconic likeness of the Tenth Doctor, as portrayed by David Tennant.

The Tenth Doctor was a charismatic adventurer whose easygoing attitude concealed a terrifying temper. He’s portrayed here fiddling with his Sonic Screwdriver, clad in his striped suit, trainers, and the tan overcoat that billowed behind him whenever he ran – which happened a great deal...

What hides in a Pandorica?


Abandoned beneath Stonehenge, this Cyberman was stationed as a guard for the ultimate prison - the Pandorica. By the time the Eleventh Doctor stumbled upon it, the cyborg’s organic components had decayed into skeletal remains, leaving it in need of replacements... and Amy Pond seemed like the perfect donor.

The ground around Stonehenge was littered with the metal remains of Cyberman guards, destroyed by the local humans – this final guard was ultimately destroyed at the hands (and gladius) of Rory Williams, resurrected as an Auton and a Roman Legionary.

An evil Doctor Lookalike!

A brilliant scientist, respected politician, and wealthy philanthropist, Salamander was widely loved for his work alleviating world hunger in the distant future of the year 2018. In truth, Salamander was a scheming, murderous mastermind bent on world domination… with an uncanny resemblance to the Second Doctor.

Played by Patrick Troughton in the same episode as the Second Doctor, Salamander even attempted to trick the Doctor’s companions into taking off with him in the TARDIS. (Images will be revealed soon)

You will be able to order all of these Doctor Who figurines soon from Hero Collector

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