A Brief History of the Weeping Angels

The Weeping Angels, also known as the Lonely Assassins, are as old as the universe. Able to send their victims back in time with a simple touch, they feed off the temporal energy the displaced person causes. Their unique, statue-like appearance is a result of being quantum-locked, which means they can only move when no one’s looking at them.

Giving us all nightmares since they first appeared on our screens, here is a brief history of the Weeping Angels...

Messages from the Past

“Don’t Blink.”

These now infamous words are enough to strike terror into the heart of every Doctor Who fan. They encapsulate the elegant horror of the Weeping Angels, as well as providing your only means of survival. With the Doctor and Martha having been thrown back in time, it was up to Sally Sparrow to piece together the clues that they left for them, all the while being hunted by the Angels!

The Image of an Angel...
The Time of Angels

What’s scarier than a handful of Weeping Angels? Hundreds of them!

Cornered in a cave system, surrounded by Angels, the Doctor, Amy and River were forced to clamber through the Byzantium, a crashed spaceship, in order to survive. However, it was just the pursing Angels that were the problem. Amy had watched a video of a Weeping Angel, and whatever takes the image of an Angel becomes itself an Angel. With a copy of an Angel growing inside her, Amy had to keep her eyes closed to halt the possession. To make matters worse, she had to walk past a group of Angels without being able to look at them!

Your Deepest Fears
The God Complex


What are you afraid of? If the answer is the Weeping Angels, that’s very understandable!

Trapped in what appeared to be a hotel, the Doctor, Amy and Rory soon discovered that each room contained someone’s worst fear. After retreating from a minotaur, they entered a room and discovered two Weeping Angels waiting for them! Fortunately, they weren’t real Angels, but it was a terrifying thing to walk in on.

The Pond’s Final Bow
The Angels Take Manhattan

In the previous stories, the Angels terrified us, but in The Angels Take Manhattan, they broke our hearts. What started as a light-hearted holiday for the Doctor and the Ponds, they were quickly thrown into action, when Rory was sent back in time by a Cherub Weeping Angel! Reunited with River, the TARDIS team had to fight for their lives against the implacable statues. Having seemingly succeeded, Rory noticed a grave with his name on it. Cue the tears…

Snowy Ambush
The Time of the Doctor

The planet Trenzalore attracted a large number of alien species from across the universe. The reason? A strange message, that not even the Doctor could decipher. Being sent down to Trenzalore to investigate by the Papal Mainframe, the Doctor and Clara found themselves ambushed by Angels hiding beneath the snow! Luckily, the Doctor had a way to escape.

Horrific Hallucination
Hell Bent

The cloisters on Gallifrey are not a place you’d want to visit. Patrolled by the Cloister Wraiths, these guard-creatures kill anyone who tries to leave the cloisters, or simply stays in there for too long. To prevent intruders from leaving, the cloisters projects images into the minds of anyone who enters. The Doctor and Clara were shown a Dalek, begging for death, a Cyberman and, you guessed it, a Weeping Angel!

Caged Terror!
Revolution of the Daleks

Banished to an alien prison by the Judoon, the Doctor found herself locked in with an array of inmates from all across the universe - a Pting, an Ood, a Sycorax, and a Weeping Angel, who the Doctor nicknamed Angela. What crime Angela committed, or how her captors were able to move her into the prison, remain unknown…

Enter the Village...
Village of the Angels

The Weeping Angels made their most audacious move facing off against the Thirteenth Doctor... as members of Division! Whilst the Flux ravaged the universe, one lone Weeping Angel sought an alliance with the Time Lord, and other Weeping Angels closed in on the village of Medderton. Yaz and Dan were sucked back into the past with Professor Jericho, and the Doctor became a terrifying statue...

Which is your favourite Weeping Angels moment?

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