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12 things that excite us from the Series 12 trailer

The trailer for Series 12 was released on Doctor Who Day and with it a first look at the Thirteenth Doctor’s return! We’ve picked out 12 of the most exciting moments ahead of the return of Team TARDIS early next year.

Not watched the trailer yet? Watch it here:

1. They're back!

The Thirteenth Doctor and family are coming back, and this time they are dressed for the occasion - bow ties are definitely cool again! The Doctor has always been a fan of a suit – with the Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth and now Thirteenth all adopting black (bow) tie when the party calls for it.

2. New outfits

But it’s not just black tie – we can see in one shot that Yaz is dressed in something radically different. Sometimes the Doctor’s friends have to dress to blend into the time that they travel to... but where are we going to see the team travel back in time to in Series 12?

3. Some familiar locations

There are plenty of new locations appearing in the trailer, some with aliens racing through them! We know that one location in the series is Paris 1943, which would be the middle of World War II… so Paris will look very different since the Fourth Doctor visited with Romana in City of Death.

4. New monsters!

Where would the Doctor be without the monsters? Well, there are certainly plenty to be seen in the trailer! From strong glass-smashing bipeds, to scorpion-like crawlers, Team TARDIS have plenty more threats and creatures to encounter in the new series.

5. Familiar ones…

The Judoon were confirmed as returning earlier this year and we can’t wait to see this mercenary police force back in action. They first appeared in the opener of Series 3, with the Tenth Doctor and Martha, taking a London hospital off to the moon!


Possibly one of the most exciting returns, we've seen a glimpse of a Cyberman in Series 12! The Cybermen are some of the Doctor’s oldest foes, with the First Doctor encountering them in The Tenth Planet back in 1966. We last saw a very different version of the Cybermen in the Twelfth Doctor series finale episodes, World Enough and Time and The Doctor Falls – but is this a new breed of Cyberman for the Thirteenth Doctor to face?

7. More emotions than ever

For certain, now that we’ve met the fam, they’ll be more adventures, trials and tribulations than ever before. So what is causing Yaz’s emotional tears at the end of the trailer? And why is Ryan screaming in a backwards-driving car?

8. Who is Stephen Fry playing?

Stephen Fry. In Doctor Who. Need we say more? This national treasure is the perfect actor to appear in Doctor Who. But who is he playing? And why does he need to rely on the Doctor?

9. The Doctor rides a motorbike… again!

It’s not just the TARDIS the Doctor can drive… she can also ride a motorbike as well! It’s not the first time… the Doctor has always been partial to a motorbike ride. From the Seventh Doctor driving one in Delta and the Bannermen to the Eighth Doctor in Doctor Who The Movie, the Tenth Doctor in The Idiot’s Lantern and the Eleventh Doctor in his own unique fashion…

10. TARDIS compromised!

Even the hordes of Genghis Khan couldn’t get in… but something finally has! It looks like danger comes into the TARDIS this time. Certain things have penetrated the TARDIS’s defences before (nothing stops the post!), but this time it could be more dangerous than ever…

11. The TARDIS is feeling blue…


When we first saw the TARIDS, with its majestic gold crystals containing the secrets of travelling the universe, who knew that it would change colour on the inside? But could this be a TARDIS in peril? Out of power? Or worse…

12. “Something’s coming for me”

Doctor Who will return with Jodie Whittaker reprising her role as the Thirteenth Doctor alongside Tosin Cole (Ryan), Mandip Gill (Yaz) and Bradley Walsh (Graham) who are all returning for their second series.

Doctor Who makes an explosive return to screens in early 2020 for another action-packed series of thrilling adventures.

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