About the Symphonic Spectacular

Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular is a musical celebration of the iconic BBC series, featuring Murray Gold’s captivating music accompanied by specially edited video sequences of the Doctors in action, on the big screen.

Daleks menace conductor Ben Foster at the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular

A host of live monsters including the spine-chilling Silence and the awe-inspiring Daleks and Cybermen add to the electric atmosphere.

Premiering in Melbourne in 2012, the Symphonic Spectacular has evolved ever since, keeping pace with the TV series. The show's programme was recently updated to include epic music from the most recent televised adventures: the 50th anniversary episode and Matt Smith's final adventure The Time of the Doctor.

A Cyberman at the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular

It also features a look back at the previous Doctors, with music from the last five decades, plus performances of some audience favourites.

Notable Doctor Who stars have taken to the stage to host the Symphonic Spectacular, including Alex Kingston (River Song), Mark Williams (Rory's Dad, Brian), and Fifth Doctor Peter Davison.

Mark Williams and Alex Kingston host the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular