"We will be invited. We will take this world. We will rule its people. But only when we're asked"

First Regular Appearance Last Regular Appearance
Extremis The Lie of the Land

The Monks created a shadow world – a simulation to gather information and to practice conquering strategies. They arrived on Earth in Turmezistan, where the Chinese, Russian and American armies were on the brink of World War III. They brought a warning that life on Earth would end by humanity’s own hand unless their “protection” is invited. They required consent but it had to be pure. If consent was given out of fear or is dishonest, the person would be disintegrated immediately.The Monks are an alien life form of immense power and sophistication, first glimpsed through a portal in the basement of the Vatican. Dressed in red habits, their faces resemble human corpses. A secret book, the Veritas, foretells of their arrival on Earth and their plan to conquer the planet.

The Monks ruled the Earth by transmitting a false world history around the globe using giant statues. Bill was convinced that she must die as she was the one who first gave pure consent. However, when she tried to sacrifice herself, memories of her mother overwhelmed the Monks’ transmission, and humanity saw the truth of the Monks’ invasion. Unable to conquer with consent, the Monks chose to flee.

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