Played by Nabil Shaban

"I do not wish to miss a moment of your infinite capacity to generate profit for Thoros Beta, Magnificence."

First Regular Appearance Last Regular Appearance
Vengeance on Varos Mindwarp

A cold-blooded Mentor from Thoros Beta, Sil was like many of his contemporaries, a driven and unethical capitalist. In his role as delegate from the Galatron Mining Corporation, he attempted to extort a crushingly low price for Zeiton-7 ore from the poverty-stricken world of Varos, as well as deriving great pleasure from the acts of torture perpetrated in their Punishment Dome. After failing to rig the market, Sil returned home to Thoros Beta where he became involved in arms sales to more primitive worlds. Doting on Lord Kiv, and using a delirious Doctor to make investments with Time Lord foreknowledge, he was presumably killed by King Yrcanos’s assault on Crozier’s laboratory.

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