Sally Sparrow

Played by Carey Mulligan

"I love old things. They make me feel sad."

First Regular Appearance

But the story doesn't end there. For it's Sally's realisation - and gift of information - when meeting the Doctor later in her life that lets the story begin in the first place...The chance exploration of old London house Wester Drumlins puts young photographer Sally Sparrow on a collision course with the Doctor's dangerous, chaotic life and the Weeping Angels who had been pursuing him. Losing her friend Kathy to an attack by these Lonely Assassins, Sally's attempts to understand the timey-wimey mystery put her in more and more danger. With the Doctor trying to guide her from 1969 via clues and DVD Easter Eggs, it's Sally's bravery and intelligence that ultimately saves them all from the Angels.

From the store

From the store