Played by Adrienne Hill

"This is not Troy. This is not even the world. This is the journey through the beyond"

First Regular Appearance Last Regular Appearance
The Myth Makers The Daleks' Master Plan

Unsure of the world of time-travel and spaceships, Katarina was swept up in the Doctor’s attempts to stop the Daleks’ Master Plan. Taken hostage in a ship’s airlock in an attempt to force the Doctor into a Dalek ambush, Katarina jettisoned herself and her attacker into the vacuum of space. She was the first of the Doctor’s companions to die while travelling with him.A handmaiden of the Trojan prophetess Cassandra, Katarina helped the wounded Steven Taylor back to the TARDIS at the height of the siege of Troy. Convinced that the Doctor was the embodiment of Zeus, she believed his “temple” was taking her on a journey to the afterlife.

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