Played by Peter Kay

"You've dabbled with aliens. Now meet the genuine article!"

First Regular Appearance
Love & Monsters

The disappearance of some of LINDA’s members was a mystery until two of the group, Ursula and Elton, accidentally discovered Victor is in fact, an alien and to their horror, they saw the faces of the missing group members absorbed onto the alien’s body.Hailing from the planet Clom, the Abzorbaloff’s aim is to absorb the Doctor’s knowledge and memories. Disguising himself as the humanoid Victor Kennedy, he infiltrated the ranks of LINDA, the London Investigation 'n' Detective Agency, a small group of people who have experienced or are studying the Doctor’s sightings on Earth. Introducing more professional methods to their investigations, the group got closer to finding the Doctor.

The Abzorbaloff was defeated when the Doctor encouraged the absorbed members of LINDA to rally together to undermine the alien’s willpower. When Elton snapped Victor’s silver-topped cane, it was revealed to be a limitation field. With it broken, the alien’s powers were out of control. The Abzorbaloff liquefied and he himself was absorbed into the ground.


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