Third Year of adventures announced for the Eleventh Doctor in comics

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor Year 3 #1

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Titan Comics have annouced details of a THIRD year of new adventuers for the Eleventh Doctor, as played on television by Matt Smith.

The Eleventh Doctor: Year 3 hits shelves in November and is the perfect jumping on point for new fans!

It is written by Rob Williams and features artwork by Simon Fraser. The first issues comes with six different covers (see below) including a "Blank Sketch Variant".

Check out the synopsis and stunning covers below:

The Eleventh Doctor begins his blockbuster third year with Rob Williams (Suicide Squad) and series artists Simon Fraser and Leandro Casco in the hot seat!

Dive into the unseen reaches of time and space - with a whole new flavor!

alt textCover A - Artwork by Josh Burns

alt textCover B

alt textCover C - Artwork by Question No. 6

alt textCover D - Artwork by Simon Fraser

alt textCover E - Artwork by Simone Di Leo

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor Year 3 Issue 1 is released on November 2, 2016