Standing ovation for original TARDIS team

Carole Ann Ford

| Darren Scott | Permalink

Original TARDIS travellers Carole Ann Ford and William Russell received a standing ovation from fans at the Doctor Who Celebration in London’s ExCel.

Ford, who played the Doctor’s granddaughter Susan and Russell, who played school teacher Ian Chesterton, appeared in the very first episode, An Unearthly Child, which was broadcast on Saturday 23 November 1963.

“We thought it was special from the beginning,” Ford said, 50 years to the day of the original broadcast.

Ford expressed her envy at roles for Doctor Who companions following her run on the show.

“The women are much more feisty and fun. Oh my god, I’m so envious. I could’ve been a toughie. I could’ve been a really feisty Susan but instead I sprained my ankle…”

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