New Dark Bunny tees inspired by the TV Movie

Doctor Who Dark Bunny tees Eighth Doctor designs

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This month’s Dark Bunny Tees celebrate the single, televised outing of the Eighth Doctor in 1996.

Celebrate the millennium – and the beginning of San Francisco Mean-Time - all over again, by donning this ITAR staff tee. The Institute of Technological Advancement and Research was home to an atomic clock, that the Doctor disabled by pinching its beryllium chip. alt text

The second tee is a Walker General Hospital Paramedic t-shirt, similar to that worn by the ill-fated Bruce. Depicted is the Rod of Aesculapius – symbolic of a medical professional – but featuring the morphant snake that the Master became after his extermination. alt text

The designs are available now from the Dark Bunny Tees Doctor Who site.